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Commentary from drivers  , Owners  and fans , our Weekend Wrapup and photos and stories from a different track each week.


Ocala, Florida's Scott Barberis will have his recently purchased Bailey chassis ready for competition on April 26th at Eastbay Raceway park and we will be in the pits lending Scott a hand getting the new car "dialed In".

Scott was going to debut this last Saturday at North Florida Speedway but last minute adjustments were in order so he loaded up the old car seen here and  unfortunately broke a rear axle in the A-Main.

Scott will join a star Studded cast at Eastbay and at least 25 of the finest will be in action.



Talking with Southern states Midget Series promoter Wayne Davis the other day and some interesting observations were concluded by the time we ended our conversation and some that I thought would be interesting to pass on.

The usual course over the years for parents to start out their kids racing careers have been to introduce them through karting or TQ midgets and this has worked well and even Tony Stewart and Jeff gordon can trace their roots back to this avenue but times change and now with some of our "young Guns" starting out at eleven or twelve some changes might be in store for the future.

Wayne was quick to point out to me that the most successful in NASCAR all did time with open wheel midgets from Kenny schrader to  Stewart , Kahne and Gordon  while reminding me that those who ran wings such as Kinser and Swindell [Kevin] haven't fared as well.

But that's Wayne Davis if you really know him well.

he loves his wingless history and knows it the best of anyone and while the Busch boys took the Legend car route moving up to full body fendered cars  along with Martin , Waltrips and most the rest you sort of have to agree that going "wingless" is the best way to learn how cars react to almost any circumstance and If I had to recommend a route for young people to make their way to NASCAR it would probably read like this;

5-10 years old / Karting or TQ midgets [my preference TQ's]

10-13 years old  / Micro Sprint racing

13 -16  Winged and non-winged mini sprints

16 until major leagues some serious Midget or non -wing Sprint Car racing.

​Don't make any mistakes here I personally love Winged mini sprint racing and if you are looking for some of the best racing at an affordable price it's the place to be but if a career in major league racing is your plan you need to get the feel of a wingless car.

To try and master one of these machines is only performed by a person with certain talent and when you do master one  you are ready to take on almost anything. You are ready to read almost any kind of track and use what you've learned by "Breaking" these animals to meet any situation.

I'm looking forward to watching where the SSMS series heads now with the addition of North florida Speedway and will we have a midget for "Showtime" Kinser?  Could be but right now we have another agenda and that is to try and win a FMSA CHAMpionship and see if we can't win a big money show in the minisprint before we move on. 


A few MIA's and return of some could make changes in the point chase once again.

A few will be missing and more will return as the Florida Mini Sprint Association holds the next event of their series at the Eastbay Raceway Park "The Clay By The Bay" in Tampa , Florida April 26th . while Johnny Crowder the "Flyin Striper from Summerfield , Florida #30 , Moss Racing with Eddie #22 , Rhea #8 and Paige Moss #04 from Deland , Florida and Todd's Motorsports entries Dirk Miller #68 and David hall #67 with the shop based out of Deland , Florida will all be on hand for this one choosing to run a limited schedule in 2014 with the FMSA they could find themselves back in the points battle as Bendinrules Motorsports and driver Sheldon Kinser Jr. #2 Jr. will be taking that week off due to prior committments and Robbie Hoffman needs to capitalize with a good run to maintain his point advantage over John Moss #44m who is now "sensing" a feature win in the near future.

I've been telling you that this season's point chase will be one of the most exciting in years and this weeks action at Eastbay could "Shake things up a little"  Don't miss the action this coming Saturday night and all details can be found on the tracks website.


First feature win of 2014 season for Todd's Motorsports

Todd's Motorsports owner and driver Dirk Miller #68 of Deland , Florida running a limited schedule on the Florida Mini Sprint Association trail in 2014 led the field from green to checker in a event which saw one red flag to sit out a passing storm.

Two heat races were run to qualify the field and Orlando , Florida's "veteran" John craddock #71 won the first  driving away and Lithia , Florida's Robbie Hoffman #12 continued to have a strong 2014 with a heat race win in the second .

Feature time rolled around and by way of "Pill draw" Dirk Miller sat on the pole and under an already steady mist of rain the green flag flew.

These "Ultra bullet" racers are afraid of nothing and racing was hard and fast until lap 5 when Casselberry , Florida's  Todd Motorsports driver David hall #67 spun from a "tire issue" in turn 3 and 4 bringing out a yellow ,then red flag because of steady rain.

After a brief red until the rain stopped  the mini sprints returned to the track with Miller leading the way  while Robbie hoffman who ended up in second "Battled" with John Craddock who was third .

Sheldon Kinser Jr.  of Inverness , Florida #2JR. raced to fourth while John Moss  #44M Finished Fifth. 

The series moves on to Eastbay Raceway Park  in Tampa , Florida this Saturday April 26th with another outstanding show.

​Robbie Hoffman hangs on to a points lead but second through the field seem to be changing weekly and they could be catching Hoffman in the next few weeks.


Dirk MILLer #68 and RObbie Hoffman #12 wait for the start of the FMSA A-MAin Feature at Volusia Speedway Park 4-19-14

Dirk Miller and Sheldon Kinser Jr. "do battle" during heat race action at VSP 4-19-14

Volusia Speedway Park is among one of the leaders in "fan interaction" especially on the frontstretch.

The "old man" John craddock of Orlando , Florida #71 has been showing that he can still get the job done the last couple weeks sitting on pit road waiting to "get er' done" at VSP 4-19-14

"Hot Time" at VSP as This "Top Gun Sprinter" had some "Real" engine issues 4-19-14

Danny MArtin Jr. again proved why he is the "king of the top Guns as he won his heat race and went on to win the A-Main feature at Volusia Speedway Park 4-19-14