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"The voice at the Bay"

Current PointS Leader Becca Monopoli racing Steve Darvalic who is second in points. Steve has some Sprint car experience on the dirt as well as some of the others that will be on hand on July 12th




Sheldon kinser prevails with missing right rear shock

If you heard thunder last night in the port area around gibsonton and tampa it might not have been the weather but the  cheer of the crowd from the amazing race at "The Clay By The BAy"  Eastbay Raceway Park put on by the Florida Mini Sprint Association.

With heavy late afternoon thunder showers and a drenching rain it was 8:00 before the staff at Eastbay Raceway park could get the track in race worthy condition.

At that point it was decided to run features only for all classes but the Limited Late models who had a big money event on the line.

with 21 "ultra bullet" mini sprints in the pits the pill draw earlier in the evening was inverted by another one  pill draw per FMSA rules and the top 18 were "Swipped , Swopped  finding Inverness , florida's Sheldon kinser jr. #2 JR. starting on the pole from his original 17th starting position.

At the drop of the green the almost full grandstands didn't expect to not be using their seats by the end of this one.

The FMSA "Warriors" got off to a shaky start as two red flag conditions were necessary  before any laps were completed.

Dustin Cates #51 , Bob Toney #243 , Paige Moss #04 , Robbie Smith #77 , Ryan Barthlomew #63 , John Moss #44M , Austin rice #9 and Luke Fidler #0 were all involved in two separate accidents in two attempted restarts with cates , Bartlomew , And rice flipping several times. All drivers were checked out and only Paige Moss and Smith could continue without their wings and Toney rejoined the field at the rear with only minor damage.

Once the FMSA stars calmed down the race went caution free and racing was everywhere on the track but the crowd focused this night on the show that was playing out between Kinser and current points leader robby hoffmann #12 and"Showtime" Kinser and "The Master Of Going faster" Hoffmann didn't let the fans down.

The action started on lap 3 when kinser's right rear shock broke and that brought the fans to their feet as "Showtime" entered each corner sideways and hanging it all out as Hoffmann tried "Diamonding" each turn exit constantly pulling along side Kinser exiting the corners and drag racing him down the straights.

The crowd cheered in "deafening"  approval each corner as Kinser appeared he would lose the car only to recover and Hoffmann was not giving in "Dogging the 2 Jr. repeatedly  hoping for that one mistake. 

At the checkers it was Kinser , Hoffmann , gavin thomas #29 , Eddie Moss #8 and Johnny crowder #30  in the top five .

Rhea Lynne Moss #23 , Chase cabre  #30x , Ken Penta #24 , Paige Moss #04 [ Witout her wing] and Chris Belcher #20 J rounded out the top ten.

Completing the field was Curtis Youmans #27 , Nikki Voisey #96 , Al Sietz #88 , Bob Toney #243, Austin rice #9 , John Moss #44 , Ryan Barthlomew #63 , Luke fidler #0 , Robby Smith #77 , Dustin cates #51 and Andrew Kurjack #K9


The "New Guard" Future Of Mini / Micro Sprint Racing

Deland , Florida's rhea moss #23 has been racing for a number of years with the Florida mini Sprint Association starting the charter membership of the FMSA "Young Guns' and fighting with all her might to stay in the ranks as  her relationship with all members is close still being friends with many of the newer members and she takes exception to anyone that says at 22 years of age it's time for her to move on.

I agree  with them personally only for the fact that she has a more important role in where micro / mini sprint racing is heading.

right now there is a group of racers in the nation at tracks across the country whether they are running the 600 c.c. or like the FMSA allowing 750's to be run in the "ultra bullets' this "New Guard" as i have nicknamed them are at the threshold of making these potent little machines really take off with fans ,competitors and track owners.

They range in age from early 20's to late thirties and their support , ideas and promotion towards the little cars are going to be key in the success of their future.

Along with rhea the Fmsa boasts of several others of the "new guard'.

Drivers like Lithia , Florida's robby Hoffmann , Gavin thomas , "Kat" THomas , Kenny Brewer , Tony Sinquefield , Lacey LEe and  John moss .

these drivers will bring in new innovations and pave the way for "young guns" coming in the door to learn how the series runs and incorporate their own ideas in and as the older drivers leave utilize some of their ideas to keep things on the right track.

this group could end up being the most important "players' in making this venue "explode" 

i have no idea of their future plans whether they stay with the mini / micro's or move on and upgrade to another form of motorsports but it's my hope that this group of  "new guards" sticks around for awhile.

WHile the FMSA drivers enjoy the help of their wive and Children many have to work hard through the week and then do much of the "Grunt" work themselves at the track. Here Deland , Florida's john moss #44M works on his "pre Race setup" while fellow driver Bob Toney "checks"  in to see if he can pick up any tips.

The best part of the FMSA is being able to visit around the pits to see how your fellow member's week went. Sheldon kinser and ken penta are taking a minute before they battle it out to  on the track to compare notes.

Curtis Youmans #27 returned to action with the FMSA at East BAy Raceway Park. Fellowship and helping out your fellow driver is important to each member and Curtis was seen earlier in the day helping fellow driver Bob toney put his powerplant to the #243 together for racing that night.

Here J.j. , Angie Kinser and Jeanne Smith "socialize". I'm thinking they are talking about how well their Stallard chassis are working.

Everyone's friend on the FMSA trail "Big" Lou Cabre checks outs son's chase Cabre's ride for the night the Crowder racing XXX Chassis #30x.

This isn't a seen from the movie "up" Bob toney placed two bungees on the #243 to keep his canopy from flying away just before the afternoon thundershowers 

The FMSA all about family and racing